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Out soon: Anticipeer (Translation)

In his book Anticipate: The Art of Leading by Looking Ahead, behavioral strategist Rob-Jan de Jong unpacks the concept of vision in the field of leadership. He identifies two key abilities of a visionary leader, one of which is the ability to see things early: being open and alert to possible changes and developments in the external environment. No one can predict the future, but every leader must look ahead and anticipate “what might be” in order to succeed.

Rob-Jan and I have known each other for well over four years now, and worked together on various of his projects. Ironically enough, we met through a fortuitous coincidence not even the most visionary visionary could have anticipated. Well over four years ago, Rob-Jan boarded a plane and got talking with the man sitting next to him. That man happened to be my number one fan unpaid agent father. Rob-Jan mentioned his book in progress, which still needed an editor. The rest, as they say, is history.

Given my personal relationship with this book and its author, I was happy and grateful to be commissioned by the Dutch publisher to translate Anticipate. Translating a text you edited years ago is an interesting experience (and humbling—fellow sticklers for perfection may sympathize). I often felt like I was competing with my past self, trying to best her by creating a translation that reads like an original. The author himself was somewhat skeptical about the idea of a translation at first, worried that evocative English would become awkward Dutch. Rob-Jan, I hope your concerns have proven unfounded!

Anticipeer. De kunst van visionair en inspirerend leiderschap [Anticipate. The art of visionary and inspiring leadership], written by Rob-Jan de Jong, translated by yours truly and published by Vakmedianet Management B.V., will hit the shelves at the end of this month (May 2017).

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