During my master’s degree in translation I learned how to tackle a wide variety of text types, from short stories and graphic novels to legal texts. Text types I’ve translated professionally include scholarly articles, company newsletters, music reviews, literary texts, and works of non-fiction. I translate both from Dutch into English and from English into Dutch.


Costs for translations are based on a per-word rate. Total costs of the translation (target text) are based on the word count of the text for translation (source text).

Quotations exclude 21% VAT unless otherwise specified. A surcharge applies to rush orders (delivery within 48 hours) and weekend commissions.


Additional information The more information I have (e.g., purpose and target readership of the translated text), the better I can make a translation conform to your wishes. For Dutch-to-English translations it’s important for me to know whether you’d like me to use American English or British English, as the differences between these two varieties of English are not limited to spelling differences, but also include differences in vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and grammar.

Word comments To avoid introducing inaccuracies into your text, I will occasionally use Word Comments to explain my interpretation of a phrase and/or to provide an alternative translation for another possible interpretation.